Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Happy March, y'all! Its my favorite month of the year and I'm so excited that I get to spend it here; not only will I be celebrating 22 years of God-given life but I get to go to Scotland, my best friend is coming to see me soon (I would probably loose my mind if she wasn't), and of course its almost Spring! I couldn't even imagine trying to catch you all up on what I've done in the past few weeks, seeing as how I've fallen off the face the the earth in blogging terms anyways, so a brief recap of what I can remember :).
  • Many, many papers have been written
  • Saw a big boat...the HMS Belfast, a British ship used in WWII so yeah, a big boat
  • My sister turned 24 and I cried a little that I couldn't celebrate with her sweet face
  • I discovered a store called Primark, its basically a huge Forever 21 type store but everything is dirt cheap but super cute! 
  • I went to see an art exhibit of German Renaissance Art where the most intriguing question was asked of me: "Is ugliness more authentic than beauty?" Still mulling this one over...
  • Saw a few theater productions, none were particularly memorable 
  • Had a class walking around the outside of Westminster Abbey 
  • Did a walking tour of Jack the Ripper from the world's leading expert on him, our tutor Donald Rumbelow. Look him up, he's kind of a big deal ;) 
  • Got lost walking through Epping Forest looking for Queen Elizabeth's hunting lodge, we found it eventually!
  • Spent a day getting beautifully lost in the British Museum and only saw half of 1 floor! Ancient Egypt must have been a pretty cool place though.
  • Went to the Royal Air Force Museum, again not super impressed...planes. Cool. 
  • Got a package from my very wonderful mother that included peanut butter, valentines, and some American mac & cheese among other goodies!
  • Had a day trip to Bletchley Park, The Cambridge American Cemetery, and Cambridge
    These somber white crosses were a beautiful reminder of the American's who lost their lives in the Second World War. Thank you.
Goodness gracious I have been busy! Right now though, it is quiet and in these few moments of peace in a flat where 5 girls live, this is precious. I feel like I usually don't have time to process what I'm seeing and learning, so right now I am grateful. I've just re-read the list that I made of all the wonderful things that I'm getting to see and do and this doesn't even begin to cover all the tiny things I do and see each day. The sheen of red double decker buses, the quiet squares where old couples sit and hold one another hands while nestled away in the heart of this busy city, the somber silence that the Thames River has, and every single pigeon that gawks at me as I pass it and resist the urge to feed it part of my breakfast, they are all a part of this place, as am I. Needless to say the initial tourist phase is gone.
Pray for me friends, as I am so desperately wishing to go home, that I would value my time here and find energy to finish my last semester of undergrad well! It is physically painful how much I miss Lily, I got that baby when she was 6 weeks old and have only ever been away from her for 3 weeks! I hope that I never have to leave her for this long again.
But then I get gems like this and I feel a little better :)
Back to is a never ending stream of reading, papers, and tiny annoying assignments. Back into the fire!
Missing you all,

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