Wednesday, 22 January 2014

"Divorced, Beheaded and Died"

Well what do ya know, it's almost been a whole week since I've been in Texas and I haven't died, haven't been hit by a taxi, and haven't even begun to scratch the surface of this beautiful city. I find myself falling more in love with the people here, the culture, and the history that will literally engulf you every time you turn around! I'm so excited to get to go out by myself and take in the city at my own pace with my camera in hand and just see what The Lord will teach me about myself and this island that He loves so much.
My day started off with English Reformation class at 9am and yes, I did hit snooze a few times before my zombie like body unenthusiastically rolled out of bed. (Seriously though, pray that we would all have energy for our whole time here!) Class met in the FSU building a few blocks from our flats and we started into a lecture that was an overview of the Reformation from beginning to end! Talk about typing with furry! Dr. Holcomb started off class with an interesting video, but I'm sure we'll always remember the information. What I would say about it would not do it justice so here: Henry VIII
Thanks to HSU, Logsdon (HSU's theology school), and Dr. McGraw my freshman year of college, this lecture was just a review. I of course was quite fond of the entire ordeal. Since our classes only meet once a week they are extensive, like 3 hours. So after our classroom lecture we hopped on the tube and went down to the Museum of London where our class assignment was to go through an exhibit and answer a few questions. The word excited does not even begin to cover what I was feeling but I guess it'll have to do, as it is 11pm and I am practically brain dead now. Ask anyone in my family, I am not the person to go to a museum with, I read every plaque, on every wall, about every artifact, I sit through every video and will gladly listen to anyone who is willing to tell me more. Thus, once my classmates had found their answers and left there I was, still reading and if it weren't for my other class I would have stayed the rest of the day! Here are just a few pictures of some of the really cool things I found! (Fine, you don't have to think they're cool but I DO.)
This is an oil painting of King Henry VIII, ya know that guy who kinda accidentally set the English Reformation in full motion. Sound familiar? 
This is a model of St. Paul's Cathedral when it was completed in the 1320s, it had a spire that was more than 400 feet tall! 
Anyways, once I had torn myself from all of the glorious history I headed back to my flat for a quick lunch. At 2:30 my London Theater class began and let me just tell you, our British tutors are wonderful people! I love that they don't see everything through dirty and smudged American lenses but bring a new perspective to all elements of learning. Not that I don't love my American professors too! But after all change is good, right? Our tutor is Ian Herbert, an esteemed theater critic both here in London and all over the world. No pressure to do excellent work right? Nothing much to report from theater class, but I did learn something that absolutely blew my mind! The movie She's The Man with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum is based off of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night!! AHHH! Everything from the names of the characters to the plot is taken directly from good ole William himself, genius. Once I settled down from this discovery class was practically over and I grabbed dinner and went back to the flat before going out to see Twelve Angry Men. Now that was an impressive show! If you haven't seen it, or don't know the plot I won't spoil it for you, although I would be surprised, but it was definitely worth going to see. Tomorrow is my first Britain at War class and that seems very promising! Now for a cup of tea and hopefully going to bed! 
Missing you all, 

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