Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lame Sauce

Be impressed. It's been an entire week of blogging and I'm still doing it, success. This morning started off with me yet again hitting snooze on my alarm, a practice that I had not developed until coming here. Maybe its jet lag...still? Anyways, I went to my Britain at war class at 9am on the very top floor of our school building and got through the tedious syllabus reading and discussion of requirements for class and by then it was practically time to be done. My book that I bought a few days ago was approved by my professor, so that's good news! Now it's just time to find the motivation to actually read it, that's the problem with being a senior in college, you're so close to being done but you have to keep caring. Lame sauce. Speaking of motivation I actually had some earlier today and wrote up a few reading summaries for my reformation class! (We're not going to talk about me closing the window without saving it and then having to re-do about half of it.) Homework was followed by a trip to the postoffice and then back home for more reading! Seriously today was super lame. Although, I did have Starbucks and that made it a little less boring.

 Emily and I headed to the postoffice, such a sweet friendship with this girl!
"Hello? Mom, I can't come home now...I told you I moved to London for the semester." Silly mothers.
Wow, this post is super short and not as witty as some of my other ones...oh well, I'm out of things to say. 
Missing you all,

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